Student Offers


High School Students (Aged 14-18)

High School Membership                              $35/mo      Click here to purchase right now.

We have even better value for students with good grades and on a high school sports team.

Good Grades Discount *                                $30/mo

Good Grades + School Sports Program**     $25/mo

 Discounted rates for students at #DamienRocheFitness.

Discounted rates for students at #DamienRocheFitness.


* High School Students who present proof of a 3.0+ as of their last report card receives a saving of $5 each month.

** Save $10 each month if you show proof of both a 3.0+ as of last report, and currently play sports for the high school.


Full Time College Student

College Students who present a valid college I.D. showing that they are currently a Full Time student, or that they have just completed their last semester can avail of our discounted pricing.

1 month    $45

Want to reward the students in your life with a Gift Certificate?


* Proof of full time student required to avail of this great deal. (valid Student ID with expiration date or recent letter from college stating your full time status)